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Why Pink?

We wanted to take a moment to address the history and significance behind our company logo and branding. When Granger's Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical acquired A#1 Service Heroes in December 2019, we never intended to incorporate pink into our visual identity.


However, shortly after the acquisition, we learned that another entity actually owned the rights to the name "Service Heroes." Surprisingly, they had not enforced their trade-name with the previous owners of the company. However, Instead of engaging in a lengthy legal battle, we made the decision to focus our efforts on delivering exceptional service, unique branding, and competitive pricing to our loyal customers.


Allow us to share an interesting story that inspired our use of the color pink. During the housing boom in 2005, my father, who was a foreman for a large production plumbing company, faced the challenge of his tools frequently going missing. To combat theft, he started spray-painting his tools pink, making them easily identifiable. This act served as a preventive measure and a symbol of security.


At Granger's, we adopted this sentiment and incorporated the color pink into our brand. It represents our commitment to protecting our customers, providing a unique experience, and deterring any malicious intent. Our brand signifies more than just air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical services. We take pride in being skilled craftsmen and women who uphold the highest standards of integrity, service, and moral excellence.


We are Granger's, and we are proud to introduce ourselves as the home of the #EpicPink Van! Our team is dedicated to serving you with professionalism and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Thank you for your continued support and trust in Granger's, and our services.

Integrity. Service. Exellence.

THAT is the Granger's Way!

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