My Air Conditioner is Frozen!


First, and highest on the list of reason(s) for seasonal emergency calls is a poorly maintained air filter. Most air filters in residential homes are designed to be replaced every thirty days. If you are not replacing or having your air filter replaced regularly, this is a common cause of premature failure of your home’s HVAC.

Blower Component

Blower motors are known to fail from time to time. Given that every single time you turn on your air conditioner or heater, the blower motor runs, it seems logical that this would be a common cause of failure. The reason Blower Motors are less likely to fail on the indoor system is because they are not constantly in the elements!


More times each year than we’d like to admit, we are out in the middle of summer fixing a piece of thermostat wire that the family puppy chewed through. Control issues (such as chewed wiring) is one of the more common causes of air condtioning and heating system failure. Our team will fix it up, and get you off to the races - regardless of the day!


Refrigerant Systems are not supposed to lose any refrigerant. If you find that your air conditoning and heating system is not working properly, that could be a sign of a refrigerant leak. These can be difficult to detect, and often take approximately (3) days of downtime to properly diagnose what component may be leaking. 

What do I do?

It should not happen…but it does!

If you just so happen to find that your air conditioning and heating system is making snow cones, don’t panic. The first thing you should do is switch the unit to “off” at the thermostat. This should allow the system to shut off completely, and the thawing process to begin. Once you’ve shut your HVAC System Off at the Thermostat - Give us a call!