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Epic Pay, Epic Potential, Epic Culture - #EpicPink

We are a full-service air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical company in the Coachella Valley, Inland Empire, and High Desert. Dedicated to providing quality products and workmanship, we also believe that it is our responsibility to help train future generations of builders, installers, and tradesmen/tradeswomen.

At Granger’s, we believe that learning and growing is a life-long journey, and each teammate is aligned with that. Our teammates understand that personal development is equally as important as professional training.

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The Elephant in the Room

We took Pink to the Next Level! #EpicPink

You can only imagine the questions that we get about the color of our vans and our logo. Our favorite and the most frequented question - “Why?” The real question though, is WHY NOT?

Why Not?

We pride ourselves on old-school service - so why not use a color that was commonly used in those “Old School” times. More than that, it represents our belief system on caring for a home…keeping the air conditoning, heating, plumbing and electrical systems “In the Pink” around the clock.

Don’t Judge Us...

Don’t judge us by our color, judge us by our TRUE COLORS. Those just so happen to also be our core values of Integrity, Service, and Excellence. This means, we believe in ALWAYS doing the RIGHT THING and doing it the RIGHT WAY!

Epic Pay

We understand that pay is not everything to everyone. However, it is certainly a contributing factor to one’s ability to thrive at their place of employment. We pride ourselves in paying our teammates well, and being transparent about how we pay each teammate.

  Life & Disability Insurance
  Dental & Vision Insurance
  Legal Shield
  Military/Family Leave Program
  Veterans Day Off 🇺🇸

Epic Potential

While pay is certainly a consideration, we’ve learned that teammates want the same things that we always wanted. A future, opportunity, growth, and progression not only in our career, but in our life as well. We are driven to give each teammate a vision and progression opportunities.

  Education Opportunities
  Manufacturer-Specific Training
  Multi-Trade Training
  Daily Technical Training
  Promotion from Within

Epic Culture

Culture, of course, plays a role in the success of any organization. We believe that the “Team” is who brings the culture - we bring the accountability. Our team believes in hard work, helping the community that we serve, and doing our part to provide a truly exceptional service experience.

  Employee Discount Program
  No “Teammate” Left Behind
  Open Feedback is ALWAYS Encouraged
  Improved Work-Life Balance
  Friendly and Fun Environment

Active Job Board

Even if you do not see an open position, we encourage you to apply with us! We are always looking for talented professionals that want to take their career path to the next level! Whether you’re in sales, service, install, or answer phones - we’d love to meet with you and see if a Career with Granger’s is right for you!

Our Mission 🚀

Faith, Family and Community

Our Mission is to affect change in the lives of others. Whether it’s helping a customer in a time of need, repairing something that broke, or helping one of our family members or friends - we choose to be SERVANTS in our Community. Further, we believe that teaching young men and women the trades and business is what will help them thrive and impact generational changes in their family - breaking the cycle of poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and violence. Faith. Family. Community. That’s the Granger’s Way!


We believe that Leadership is one of the most important and missing traits in society today. Unless you grew up with a well-defined family leader, who do you really model yourself after? Who taught you right from wrong? Who taught you that getting up and showing up to work on time was the first and most basic step of your workday? In many cases, these can be things that we run into with younger teammates that are joining us today.

By practicing and teaching Leadership and living a life worthy of your created purpose, we believe that we can teach and help others become stronger leaders in their personal and professional lives. This is one of the many things that we have picked up along the way, and work to instill in those who we call “Teammates."

Financial Independence

There’s a couple of generations now that do not even know what a “checkbook” looks like. Let alone how to “balance” said checkbook. Since the advent of computers (which are amazing and necessary today), there are generations to come of people who do not know how to balance their finances and plan. We believe that teaching our teammates about financial independence is the single most important thing that we can do to change the trajectory of their life.

Our Teammates are all compensated commensurate with their skill and time of service. That said, if they are living properly, they can live a good life. “The Trades” can be a hard life for sure, but a rewarding one if you are prudent with your income, work hard, and buy the right tools. All of this is instilled into EVERY TEAMMATE.

Personal Development

If a teammate spends no time investing into themself, it will show in the work that they put forth. We know that, and we have experienced that. We have also seen the teammates that put in a significant effort to learn on their own time. Typically, these are the motivated teammates that will outpace someone who chooses to go home and learn nothing.

At Granger’s we prefer to push one another towards excellence. Both “on the field, and off of the field” because we believe it takes excellence to achieve greater. Why be ‘ordinary’ when we are created to be “extraordinary?"