Duct Cleaning & Sanitization

Keep your ducks in a row by cleaning your home’s ductwork

If there’s one thing that we can take away from the pandemic, it is the importance of good air filtration and a renewed focus on the air that we are breathing. That’s not to say that we were unaware of the importance of indoor air quality, but we certainly see more emphasis put on indoor air quality products since.

What is in the air that you breathe?

You may not want to know...

When you consider that the air that you breathe typically has only 20-21% Oxygen, what makes up the remainder of “air?” As you can probably imagine, there’s a laundry-list of things that are in the air that you’re breathing. Don’t fret. We have the right solutions to help you clean it up, and breathe easier when you’re in your home.


What about my home?

Every home can have different chemicals in the air, depending on what is in your home, the temperature that you keep your home, the age, etc. There are a number of variables to what can potentially be in the air that your air conditioning and heating system filters and puts out to the individual spaces in your home.

Indoor Air Pollution

The good and bad about what you’re breathing...

There’s a lot that you probably do not know about indoor air quality and indoor air polution. Pollutants are everywhere - even when we cannot see them or smell them. We have provided a link to learn more about Indoor Air Quality from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Indoor Air Pollution

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Common Air Contaminants

Don’t Worry! You’re not alone! Sometimes, life gets away from us and we forget about simple little things like replacing the air filter in our home. When that happens, dirt, dust, debris, and a host of other things can bypass the filter and get into your ductwork. Especially when it’s humid! You’ll breathe easier when you #CallGrangers

 Dust and Dirt
 Allergens (Pollen, etc)
 Human Skin
 Bacteria, Fungus and Molds
 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
 Gasses and/or Odors

Schedule Your Duct Cleaning

Removal and Prevention

How do I clean the ducting in my home?

When Granger’s completes your duct cleaning, you can rest assured that you have the cleanest air that you will have until it is cleaned again. This moment, tends to be the cleanest that the system will be until it is either cleaned again, or replaced. But, nevertheless, that was not the question! The question was, how do I clean the ducting in your home? Well, you can’t. Without the equipment that is required, the best thing that you can do is have it cleaned professionally to prevent damage to the existing ducting system that is in your home. A thorough cleaning without damaging the ductwork does require a bit of finesse!

Does this create a lot of dust?

Duct Cleaning will always generate some dust. Despite running a commercial-grade HEPA Vacuum while brushing the internal ductwork, some dust will always be generated. Typically, we recommend dusting your home after we have completed the duct cleaning. This will keep some of that dust from getting back into the air filtration system that we just cleaned.

Our Mission 🚀

Faith, Family and Community

Our Mission is to affect change in the lives of others. Whether it’s helping a customer in a time of need, repairing something that broke, or helping one of our family members or friends - we choose to be SERVANTS in our Community. Further, we believe that teaching young men and women the trades and business is what will help them thrive and impact generational changes in their family - breaking the cycle of poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and violence. Faith. Family. Community. That’s the Granger’s Way!


We believe that Leadership is one of the most important and missing traits in society today. Unless you grew up with a well-defined family leader, who do you really model yourself after? Who taught you right from wrong? Who taught you that getting up and showing up to work on time was the first and most basic step of your workday? In many cases, these can be things that we run into with younger teammates that are joining us today.

By practicing and teaching Leadership and living a life worthy of your created purpose, we believe that we can teach and help others become stronger leaders in their personal and professional lives. This is one of the many things that we have picked up along the way, and work to instill in those who we call “Teammates."

Financial Independence

There’s a couple of generations now that do not even know what a “checkbook” looks like. Let alone how to “balance” said checkbook. Since the advent of computers (which are amazing and necessary today), there are generations to come of people who do not know how to balance their finances and plan. We believe that teaching our teammates about financial independence is the single most important thing that we can do to change the trajectory of their life.

Our Teammates are all compensated commensurate with their skill and time of service. That said, if they are living properly, they can live a good life. “The Trades” can be a hard life for sure, but a rewarding one if you are prudent with your income, work hard, and buy the right tools. All of this is instilled into EVERY TEAMMATE.

Personal Development

If a teammate spends no time investing into themself, it will show in the work that they put forth. We know that, and we have experienced that. We have also seen the teammates that put in a significant effort to learn on their own time. Typically, these are the motivated teammates that will outpace someone who chooses to go home and learn nothing.

At Granger’s we prefer to push one another towards excellence. Both “on the field, and off of the field” because we believe it takes excellence to achieve greater. Why be ‘ordinary’ when we are created to be “extraordinary?"