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When your plumbing system fails, you do not want to waste time calling around town to find a reputable and affordable plumber. Whether you’re experiencing a leaking water heater, low water pressure, a stoppage, or just need some repairs done, you can rest assured that we will always do it the right way. Granger’s is available around the clock to help you resolve your plumbing problems and restore flow - regardless of the day or time.

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  Water Heater Repair

  Water Treatment Systems

  Shower Valve Repair

  Faucet Repair & Replacement

  Kitchen & Bath Stoppages

  Leak Detection

  Remodel and Repiping

  Tankless Water Heaters

  Electric Water Heaters

  Gas/Propane Water Heaters

  Tub & Shower Replacement

  Drain, Waste and Vent Piping


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Taking a luke-warm or cold shower is never any fun. Sadly, there’s a good chance that we will all experience a number of these showers over our lifetime. Things break. Sometimes the water heater won’t stay lit, or the pilot light won’t even turn on…and sometimes, it just needs a Water Heater Hero to save the day. 

How much does a new tankless cost?

You can expect to spend between $4,999 - $9,999 for a new tankless water heater in today’s market. This is obviously dependent on the integration requirements for your home. Most companies seem to hit the median point of this range consistently. While prices may vary on tankless water heaters significantly from contractor to contractor, there are also many differences in how they’re installed.

I can go to Home Depot and pay less!

You most definitely could pay less if you went and purchased it from Home Depot, or Lowes. However, that price is not all-inclusive of all additonal material that is needed to complete the work, the permit, the labor, the insurance, fuel, workers compensation, and tax. All of this adds up to be a significant expense for the one doing the installation.

I have solar. Can you install a Electric Tankless?

Electric Tankless Options are Available for Homeowners. However, in our experience, unless previously integrated into a home, it’s rarely worth the investment that it takes to integrate an electric tankless into your home. If you have gas available, this is often the least-costly route to take, especially because gas far less expensive than electricity is nowadays.

How much gas does a tankless consume?

Most reputable tankless water heaters have efficiency ratings well over 90% Efficiency. This means that 90% of the energy that the equipment is using is being converted to hot water. Most regular water heaters have efficiency ratings in the 60% efficiency range, where a Navien Tankless Water Heater is 94%+ on most Models.

Many homeowners report back after 1-Year of Installation, that there anywhere between a 25-40% reduction in their overall gas usage for the year. This is largely because a tankless generates hot water on demand, and not having to keep a 50+ Gallon tank hot all of the time.


What Size Tankless Water Heater do I need?

If you’re trying to figure out what size tankless water heater you need, here’s a tool to help you find out what you’ll need.

Keeping it Hot 🔥

Why Tankless is Better

If you’ve ever gone to take a shower after someone else and experienced a less than comfortable shower, then you certainly will understand the key difference in performance between a tanked water heater, and a tankless.

Beyond the efficiency gain of having a tankless water heater, you can also have the comfort of knowing that it will generate endless hot water, on demand. This means that no matter how many people take a shower, you’ll get as much as eleven gallons per minute of hot water flow.


A common discussion with homeowners that have either had tankless in the past or had a tankless fail them at some point is the reliability of newer tankless water heaters. For starters, a lot has changed over the years - but just in the last six years alone there have been leaps and bounds taken in the pursuit of endless hot water. 


Bosch Tankless Water Heaters 🔥

Be BOLD with Bosch!

Bosch is THE LEADING global brand for high-efficiency and premium products for your home and business. This feat of engineering delivers outstanding performance, amazing savings, all at an affordable price. Take control of your hot water heater with the Bosch WIFI Compatible T9900-I Tankless Water Heater. In addition to all of the benefits and features, you’ll have a brand-name product that has reliability data to PROVE just how effective and affordable it is.

  Space Saving, State of the Art Design

  Ultra Efficient Operation

  WIFI Compatible*

  Top-Water Connections for Aesthetics

  Auto-Tuning for Optimal Performance

  Ability to Control External Pumps

  Industry-Leading 22:1 Turn-Down Ratio

  SCAQMD Ultra-Low-Nox Compliant

  Energy-Star Compliant

  Integrated Freeze Protection

  Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Navien NPE-2 Consumer Brochure

Our Mission 🚀

Faith, Family and Community

Our Mission is to affect change in the lives of others. Whether it’s helping a customer in a time of need, repairing something that broke, or helping one of our family members or friends - we choose to be SERVANTS in our Community. Further, we believe that teaching young men and women the trades and business is what will help them thrive and impact generational changes in their family - breaking the cycle of poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and violence. Faith. Family. Community. That’s the Granger’s Way!


We believe that Leadership is one of the most important and missing traits in society today. Unless you grew up with a well-defined family leader, who do you really model yourself after? Who taught you right from wrong? Who taught you that getting up and showing up to work on time was the first and most basic step of your workday? In many cases, these can be things that we run into with younger teammates that are joining us today.

By practicing and teaching Leadership and living a life worthy of your created purpose, we believe that we can teach and help others become stronger leaders in their personal and professional lives. This is one of the many things that we have picked up along the way, and work to instill in those who we call “Teammates."

Financial Independence

There’s a couple of generations now that do not even know what a “checkbook” looks like. Let alone how to “balance” said checkbook. Since the advent of computers (which are amazing and necessary today), there are generations to come of people who do not know how to balance their finances and plan. We believe that teaching our teammates about financial independence is the single most important thing that we can do to change the trajectory of their life.

Our Teammates are all compensated commensurate with their skill and time of service. That said, if they are living properly, they can live a good life. “The Trades” can be a hard life for sure, but a rewarding one if you are prudent with your income, work hard, and buy the right tools. All of this is instilled into EVERY TEAMMATE.

Personal Development

If a teammate spends no time investing into themself, it will show in the work that they put forth. We know that, and we have experienced that. We have also seen the teammates that put in a significant effort to learn on their own time. Typically, these are the motivated teammates that will outpace someone who chooses to go home and learn nothing.

At Granger’s we prefer to push one another towards excellence. Both “on the field, and off of the field” because we believe it takes excellence to achieve greater. Why be ‘ordinary’ when we are created to be “extraordinary?"