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How Supply Chain Issues are a pinch-point for A/C Repair and Replacement Parts

What we know about the shortages, how long the delays may be, and what to expect in 2023!

We’re tired of hearing about it too!

We should be acutely aware of the issue with the global supply chain by now. With such significant delays in materials to manufacture and build equipment and materials for HVAC Units, you can imagine it would only be a matter of time before it hit our industry.

Not to be a Tattle-Tale, but 2020 Started it!

We are not exactly the type of company to point fingers, but it is nearly a guarantee that the novel coronavirus pandemic played a role in the shipping and manufacturing crisis that we are experiencing. After all, what did we ever do to 2020 to deserve THAT!?

How 2021 Paid it Forward!

This probably isn’t the best example either, but 2021 did not have to keep the fun going! We were all hopeful that 2021 would be a better year, but we felt the pain for sure near the end of Summer 2021. By the end of our respective air condtiioning season, we experienced a pretty significant outage of equipment and materials.


When will this end? Asking for a friend...


The Elephant in the Room

This is all we know at this point...

We can’t tell you much more than anyone else. But here’s what we do know. There are two things that are going to impact this years air condtiioning and heating equipment supply chain. For starters, the updated SEER-2 Requirements that begin January 1, 2023.

But Wait…There’s More!

Then, add in the abnormally slow shipping times, the theft of materials off of cargo trains in Los Angeles and other Major Ports of Entry…well, we don’t actually know when things are going to get any better. The good news, is that we have the equipment and supplies that we need now…in hopes that we can get the equipment and supplies that we’ll need mid-season!

What We Did to Prepare

We forecasted, we ordered, and we secured as much as we could!

The woes of air conditioning and heating equipment shortages will not work when we get into our air conditioning season. We know that. When your HVAC System is down for the count, you want to count on the fact that the company that you’re calling has done everything that they could do to secure your new equipment for you. This year, we did our best to accurately forecast how many replacements we would expect to install, how many compressors we expect to replace, how many contactors, capacitors, fan motors, disconnects and thermostats we might need. All of these are key components that are beginning to feel a supply-chain pinch.

Our Best Advice...

Why you may want to be proactive this year!

Trust me when I tell you that this shortage is coming. Don’t let it take you by surprise! Stay on top of your air conditioning and heating maintenances this year, and be sure to seriously consider any repairs that your a/c system may need. We suspect that the supply chain pinch will resolve itself sometime this year, but we fully suspect that this summer will be tough with regards to supplies and materials.

If you know that your air conditioning and heating system may need repair or replacement this year, now would be a great time to figure out what the best option is!

If you believe you may need to replace, this is a great year!

Replace your HVAC System before SEER-2 Standards in January 2023!

If you are unfamiliar with this topic and the changes that it will bring to the HVAC Industry and Consumer Pricing, this may be a great article for you to read. While it is not completely inclusive, it is a means of explaining these changes in the easiest way possible, as well as communicate the economic impact that we expect it to have on consumer pricing. Get comfortable with SEER-2, whether we like it or not, it is coming soon!

What this means...

SEER-2/EER-2 Standards are a significant and progressive change toward higher-efficiency air condtiioning and heating equipment. These standards effectively mean that residential air conditioning and heating system will have to adhere to far stricter standards. These standards bring a marginal “SEER” efficiency increase from 14-SEER to 15-SEER. However, the real challenge is that there is a change in the SEER/EER Ratings, as well as the minimum efficiency. After 12/31/2022, we will no longer be able to sell and install 14-SEER A/C and Heating Equipment going forward - the new minimum is 15-SEER.

Get to Know SEER-2