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The #EpicPink Journey

By now, it should be no surprise that we believe in hand workmanship. Beyond the length of time that hand workmanship tends to last, we also believe that there is no better way to support local businesses than to choose and use small businesses, like ours, that believe in similar things.

True Hand Workmanship

Dr. Jeremy Moffit has been in business more than eighteen years now, and helps thousands of patients every single year. His one-on-one approach with each patient is not only therapeutic, but informative as well. Beyond chiropractics, Dr. Moffit is involved in the community, and is a cheerleader for many other small businesses.

The Healing Touch

Dr. Moffit is the first to see any of our teammates that have experienced back, shoulder or neck issues. Prior to ever putting hands on you, Dr. Moffit always has his team perform a thorough scan of your nervous system, as well as an X-Ray of your spine to ensure that he can safely make the adjustments that are necessary.

Hawk Designs, Indio, CA

Experience and Workmanship

For our Vehicles, we knew that we really had one chance to enter the market with our new brand. Jason has been our go-to since the original trucks hit the road in 2014. Using our design, Jason added his touches to it and really knocked it out of the park for us!

Custom Touches

Instead of applying the vinyl to every inch of the vehicle, Jason used his years of experience in Wrapping, Decals and Signs and put it to work on our project. Cutting around each door handle and every seam by hand, Jason believes that it’s not done until it’s done right and this mentality shows in his work…every time!

Boss Designs, Indio CA

Custom, Custom!

Everything that Glen does is what we call “custom, custom.” Whenever you bring Glen your ideas, he brings them to life in a powerful way. You give him your logo, your ideas, and he’ll blow you out of the water every single time!

What You Need & When You Need It.

To design and print our “Equipment Stickers” we selected Glen from Boss Designs. Glen helped us bridge a gap from the old to the new, and get our stickers out there on Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical Equipment. Glen completed the design, and got to work on delivery of the finished product. 

LIC #1047425

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