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It’s Not Just Pink.

It’s #EpicPink

   In early twenty-twenty, as the world came to grips with the novel coronavirus pandemic, we saw that time as a unique opportunity to begin to really look at our business, how it operated, as well as the services that we offer. Knowing that life would look radically different for what we thought might be the near future, we are now two years into this, and life still feels different than it did before. Business feels different too.


   We have always been known for providing amazing and unparalleled service in our industry, even when we were known as ‘A1 Service Heroes’. No, we are not perfect, but we believe that there’s power in knowing that you’re choosing a company with more than 12k online reviews with a 4.9 Star aggregate rating. Now that’s #EpicService!


   Perhaps we are biased, but we believe that we have some pretty #EpicPeople here at Granger’s. While we are not perfect, each member of our team has bought-into the mission, believes in what we do, and does their absolute best to ensure that you’re 100% Satisfied with the work that we have performed in your home. 


   Just as we have redefined our entire business, we also knew that it was important to redefine our brand in a very BIG way! Pink is not just a “phase” of our business, it is our business. It signifies a shift in focus, a shift in how we do things, and the culmination of years of experience in the residential home improvement contracting trades.

Get ‘In The Pink’ with Granger’s!

   In a traditional sense, being “In the Pink” means that you have reached the pinnacle of health. In another sense, we feel that our job is to keep your home’s air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems “in the pink.” Therefore, when you’re calling Granger’s for service, you can rest assured that we will do our best to help your home’s vital support systems remain in the pink at all times.

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